Automation in industrial applications is growing rapidly and machines not only need to be powered but controlled using precise measurements. All components, including the cables, must withstand high mechanical and dynamic stresses.

HELUKABEL offers a vast array of power and feedback cable solutions as well as hybrid products that combine two cables into one. Under the TOPSERV® (power and hybrid), TOPFLEX® (motor power), and TOPGEBER® (feedback) brands, we offer products for both moving and non-moving applications that require various bending radii, as well as cables that are halogen-free and UV-resistant.

HELUKABEL Drive & Motor Cable Benefits:

  • Robust PUR, PVC and TPE jackets that are chemical, oil, microbial and temperature resistant
  • XLPE-insulated products available for longer installation runs
  • Hybrid cable designs for space and weight savings
  • Flexible for simple and easy installation
  • Drag chain-rated products for multi-million continuous-flex cycles
  • Multiple approvals for domestic and international use.