HELUKABEL Adds to AS-Interface Product Portfolio

Round cable design suitable for drag chain applications

New Round ASi Bus Cable from HELUKABEL

HELUKABEL, the global connection technology specialist, announced they have enhanced their AS-Interface (ASi) bus cable offering by adding a round cable design suitable for use in drag chain applications.

Traditionally, ASi bus cables are flat and deliver both power and transmit signals in applications such as building automation, process automation, factory automation, and transportation. However, when drag chain-rated ASi bus cable is used, the traditional flat profile requires the cable to be separated from other round cables. This makes installation time longer and drives up costs.

round ASi bus cable

HELUKABEL’s latest addition to its industrial data, network and bus cable technology – a round ASi bus cable for use in drag chains. Source: HELUKABEL

With its new round ASi bus cable, HELUKABEL can provide customers with a solution that is capable of being inserted into a drag chain with other round cables and hoses. Under part number 11009063 the A-BUS ROUND PUR CHAIN cable has four polypropylene (PP)-insulated conductors that are twisted into a star quad configuration. This type of construction enables better resistance to EMC interference when compared to other round ASi bus cables with four conductors, and therefore minimizes communication errors due to electrical noise or “cross-talk” generated from the power conductors. Additionally, the robust polyurethane (PUR) outer jacket is resistant to oil, halogen-free, flame retardant, and resists the mechanical stresses caused by the continuous movements within a drag chain. It is capable of being used in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C, based on the specific application.

Furthermore, the round ASi bus cable meets U.S. and Canadian safety standards according to UL Std. 758 (AWM) Style 20233 and CSA 22.2 No. 210 AWM I/II A/B.


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