Harnessing the Energy of the Sun

As a partner to the photovoltaic industry, HELUKABEL offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions

Photovoltaic installation

HELUKABEL offers manufacturers, installers and operators of photovoltaic systems a comprehensive range of products and solutions.

The demand for renewable energy is rapidly increasing worldwide and solar energy is one of the most important and cleanest energy sources for this, along with wind and water. In order to take advantage of them, photovoltaic systems are used - for homes, industrial factories, office buildings, farms and floating systems. The environmental conditions vary greatly; however, photovoltaic systems are almost always exposed to weather, humidity, UV radiation and strongly fluctuating temperatures.

Reliable and durable cabling that connects the individual solar modules to each other as well as the cabling to the inverters and storage systems is crucial for efficient operation of the system. This is where cables are needed that reliably withstand all external influences. After all, this is the only way to get the energy generated to where it is needed.

As a long-standing partner of the photovoltaic industry, HELUKABEL supplies the ideal cables and wires as well as the right accessories for every application. We offer a broad range of products, from DC string cables for connecting solar panels, to ground and medium-voltage cables for connection and grid feed-in, to fiber optic and data cables for networks and communication. In addition, we offer integrated cable management systems including connectors, plugs, hoses, glands, housings and tools, as well as pre-assembled cables.

We have summarized our extensive product range for the solar industry for you in our new HELUKABEL SOLAR POWER brochure. Take a look and discover how we at HELUKABEL support manufacturers, installers and operators of photovoltaic systems and energy storage systems all over the world in generating clean, sustainable and renewable energy!

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