Cables, Wires and Accessories for the Material Handling Industry

Material handling is the one industry segment that touches all industries. Whether it’s a facility that utilizes static racking, storage bins and mezzanines or a fully automated storage and retrieval system with conveyor systems and palletizers, material handling has touched almost everything around us. Traditional technologies are being pushed to their limits by an ever-changing workforce and supply chain to meet the increasing demands of consumers who can easily navigate and make their buying decisions at the push of a button! Businesses are forced to become more efficient through automation to fit supply and demand and shorter project timelines.

This exploding environment impacts everyone involved in this “automated ecosystem” from the original equipment manufacturers, component suppliers, distributors, and integrators to the contractors installing these machines in the plants. HELUKABEL fully owns its role in the automated ecosystem by its ability to not only manufacture high-quality industrial cable, but to also provide complete electrical system solutions. Whether it’s a basic Ethernet patch cable or custom cable assembly to a more complex robotic dress pack or drag chain , HELUKABEL has the expertise to support any of your automated applications.

HELUKABEL offers an extensive variety of cables, accessories and electrical system solutions designed specifically for applications with repetitive motion. We can test, design, manufacture and deliver products to fit your needs. Whether you require domestic or international support for your supply chain, HELUKABEL is the global leader of choice for material handling cable solutions!

We are happy to help you select the right products are available to answer any questions you may have.

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