Cables and Wires for Machine Building and Plant Engineering

As one of the largest industrial sectors and a leading industry in exporting and innovation, machine building and plant engineering hold a significant position within the world economy. Even though the capital goods industry is a highly competitive international market, products made in Germany have always been characterized by innovation and high-quality standards.

The label "Made in Germany" enjoys a very good reputation all over the world and is even one of the world's leading quality seals. Above all, it stands for excellent quality and safety - people trust products that are produced in Germany.

To maintain this standard, the industry is constantly developing and HELUKABEL is always at its side. In addition to excellent electrical and mechanical properties, our technological leadership is based in particular on a considerable variety of materials in combination with many years of experience. Whether for large machines and systems in corporate groups or for medium-sized machine builders, we work closely with each customer so that we can optimize our products for every application and offer individual solutions. In this way, HELUKABEL proudly contributes to the success of the German capital goods industry.

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